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When we talk about restoration at Krause Dental Care, it is simply about taking your dental health— and the way you come across to the world— to another level. It is giving back something that was lost or making something you already have better.  The proof will be right there in your smile!

Prevention is great, but sometimes the damage has already been done, thanks to the cumulative effects of tooth decay, infection and other factors that lead to tooth damage and loss. So many advances have been made in the battle against tooth decay. Once that battle is won, it’s time to win the war with restorative dentistry.

If you require a restorative treatment, we will sit down with you and discuss the options for a personalized treatment plan.  We think very carefully about our recommendations for your dental needs to keep your best interests in mind.  Our priority has always been accenting what is the most comfortable —and least invasive— treatment for the patient.  We understand many needing dentistry may be anxious and concerned about their comfort.  We make every effort to ensure your comfort for your dental therapy. 

We utilize proven techniques and technology that allow for predictable and aesthetic outcomes from your restorative procedures.  What are the some of the reasons for recommending restorative treatment for our patients?   We simply want you to be happy with your smile and do what is necessary to keep your teeth for a lifetime.  We may offer the following for your benefit:

       repairing damaged and decayed teeth;

       correcting or improving an improper bite;

       replacing or correcting ineffective, harmful or unpleasant dentistry;

       preventing teeth from being lost;

       providing relief from avoidable dental pain;

       closing unseemly gaps between teeth, and

       restoring normal  and efficient eating and chewing,


Our mission is to guide you to the best possible dental health and make your investment worth it through dentistry of high quality.  If your goal is a confident and healthy smile know that we are committed to excellence in achieving your goal

Remember that together we have the power to restore and return you smile to optimal oral health.


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"I had a cap come loose. I called and got a nearly immediate call back, before office hours. Dr. Krause arranged to meet me with 90 minutes, made the repair and had me on my way. Frankly, amazing service in this day and age."

Courtney C.

"I fully endorse, Dr. Kurt M. Krause and his dedicated team.

I first went to Dr. Krause a few years ago to have one of my front top teeth repaired after I chipped it. This tooth and the one next to it had a few procedures done in the past by other dentists. While Dr. Krause examined my situation he noticed that I also needed work done on the tooth next to the chip. I knew he was correct and listened to all of the options he provided. Dr. Krause didn’t push me or force me to take any option which I appreciated. I am not comfortable with having to go through these types of procedures but Dr. Krause gained my confidence in the way he communicated with me so I moved forward with him. Well I have to say I am so glad I took his advice and I now feel and look better than I ever did before meeting Dr. Krause.

In the past I avoided the dentist unless I had major problem. My experience with other places is they are ruff and don’t take the time to build a relationship with you. When I go to Dr. Krause I genuinely feel he cares about me. I also feel he is a perfectionist and he cares more about my teeth then I do. When doing work on my teeth Dr. Krause does a great job and is gentle. Dr. Krause also takes the time to talk with me about my life and has even offered me his opinion on my allergy problems. His advice helped me greatly."

Sean R.

"I have been under Dr. Krause's care for 5 years. He is always professional, kind , and caring. He runs an organized practice and he and his team are always prepared and punctual when it comes to my appointments.

Dr. Krause always attempts to go "above and beyond" with his services, and his follow up is excellent.

I will remain a loyal customer of Dr. Krause as long as I live in the area. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a dentist!"

Anna H.

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